Hold on or Move on

I’m torn between holding on what little hope I have left and moving on. I know myself pretty well and I know that if I cross that line, if I choose to let go of the hope… There’s no turning back. He will be gone for good. It’s a decision you can’t come back from.

the hope I have isn’t healthy. He obviously needs his space. He doesn’t seem happy but maybe he is. Maybe this is everything he’s ever wanted.

Thats the the difference between our generations and generations before us. In the past, if something was broken, you fixed it. Nowadays we just throw it away. Kind of breaks my heart to think of it like that.

there’s a guy here. One I met last January when I came to Charlotte. I guess I should just go see him and see how I feel. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about another guy romantically but maybe that’s what I have to do to get over him.

God, j wish I didn’t have to.

i love you.

<3 K

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