Since Monday, we hadn’t spoken until yesterday morning when he wished me a happy thanksgiving. Later that night, I tried small talk with no response. I guess we are back at stage one.

I wish I didn’t love him. I wish I felt nothing. It’s better. It’s easier.

He can have all the time and space he needs. I’m just scared he will realize the mistake he’s made when it’s too late. And then what?

I love you.

On on a completely unrelated note- today is the first annual FRIENDSGIVING and I’m so excited! Some of these people aren’t just friends- they’re my family. These are the people who have known me since I was this awkward middle school girl trying so desperately to fit in. They have loved and accepted through every stage of life and even if there are long gaps where we haven’t seen each other, I know I can still count on them.

So so cheers to friends, and losing love, and finding out that really… Your friends are the best soulmates you could wish for. Because when your love runs out and days are dark… They can fill you with so much love, light and happiness.

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