Glitter Bombs

You know what is amazing?


That shit is the herpes of arts and crafts. It really is. It’s the perfect way to send your cheating ex boyfriend his shit back. It’s like the greatest last hoo-rah!

But that’s the last time I mention my ex. I’m tired of hearing from his new girlfriend’s trolls trying to stir up some drama. But I guess that is what I have to expect when someone you dated dates someone 2/3rds of their age.

On a brighter note, this past weekend was amazing! Seeing Liz after 18 years tops the cake! We caught up all day Sunday. I am so lucky to have been able to pick up with her right where we left off and it’s almost like no time passed at all.

Shaun and Timor were fun too! Shaun took me to some places that made excellent mojitos. Timortook me to this hole in the wall Cuban place for breakfast. Totally fucked up our ordering but it was amazing and hilarious watching the server make fun of his non existant Spanish. She even asked if we were American. At least I was able to use my ancient college Spanish 🙂

Well, time to book some trips and finish this short story. Xoxo WordPress world!

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